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Secure Exchange Hosting

Secure Exchange 2010 Hosting from AppRiver gives you fast, reliable and spam-free email – on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices – without the hassle of owning and managing your own mail servers.

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Exchange 2010 Hosting through AppRiver

AppRiver’s Secure Exchange Hosting is the easy, effective and affordable option for businesses that need reliable email service, but don’t want to pay for expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff.

For a low monthly, per-mailbox fee, AppRiver gives you unlimited storage and the ability to easily add and remove users or services. With our award-winning SecureTide spam-filtering embedded, you also have the best security in the business built right in.

Phones and mobile devices? Check. AppRiver’s service synchronizes all of your cell phones, smartphones, tablet computers and other devices seamlessly. With Akamai's Internet optimization, you'll also get better reliability, faster downloads and stronger security than most in-house solutions offer.

Even better, Secure Exchange Hosting from AppRiver is backed by our Phenomenal Customer Care™. Your support calls are answered here in the US, by our own team of professionals who are available 24 hours a day, every day.

If you’re still not convinced, try Secure Exchange Hosting free for 30 days and see if AppRiver’s service is right for you.

There is no contract or long-term obligation required and you can end the service any time you want.

Secure Exchange Hosting. You run your business. We’ll handle your email.

Features & Benefits

Secure Hosted Exchange from AppRiver is email made easy for businesses who want reliable messaging and mobile device synchronization – and who don’t want the expense and hassle of managing it themselves.

Secure Hosted Exchange Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable email with Outlook, OWA and Outlook Mobile Access and ActiveSync included
  • Akamai Internet optimization for faster download speeds and better mobile connectivity
  • Online collaboration anytime, anyplace: meeting scheduling, contact management, document sharing and task management
  • Email aliases, domain aliases and email forwarding
  • Public folders and distribution groups
  • Unlimited mailbox storage
  • Domain and user-level rules
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and Goodlink available as optional services
  • Includes Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011 for Mac
  • Free migration and 24 x 7 Phenomenal Care™ from our US-based team, 24 hours a day, every day
  • Easy, Web-based access to email, contacts, task lists and calendars
  • Exchange 2010 Lite service offering (up to 2 GB mailbox storage; Email access protocols: POP, IMAP, and OWA)
  • Mobile device support for BlackBerry (including BES Express), ActiveSync devices (Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android) and iPad & tablets
  • Configurable Storage Quotas and retention policies for each user
  • Embedded Premium Spam and Virus Protection
  • Free migration and 24 x 7 Phenomenal Care™
Exchange 2010 Lite Exchange 2010 Full
Up to 2G mailbox storage Unlimited storage
Inbound SecureTide spam & virus filtering Inbound SecureTide spam & virus filtering
Public Folder storage (1G) Public Folder storage (1G)
BES Enterprise & BES Express (additional fee) BES Enterprise & BES Express (additional fee)
ActiveSync with direct push SSL (additional fee) ActiveSync with direct push SSL (included)
Outlook Web Access (OWA), IMAP & POP Full exchange connection and synchronization
CP exchange management web console CP exchange management web console

How Does It Work?

AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange Service allows businesses to enjoy spam-free email, mobile device synchronization and all of the other benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the expense and headaches of managing in-house mail servers.

With our simple, intuitive customer portal, you can easily add or remove users and services. You get the controls you need without the complexity you don’t. And OWA gives you access to email anywhere Internet service is available.

AppRiver’s award-winning SecureTide email protection is included with every Hosted Exchange account, so you also have the best security in the business built in.

AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange Service is easy to set up, and our commitment to Phenomenal Customer Care™ means that staff is available with 24/7 US-based support.Quality Protection and Flexible Support

At AppRiver, we pride ourselves on providing clients with affordable, effective solutions for companies of all sizes. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our spam blocker. We continually send our clients free updates of our email virus protection, so they can stay safe from the latest developments by spammers. In addition, customers have constant access to our quality support team.


How can AppRiver afford to eliminate mailbox quotas?

We have been protecting email for companies since 2002 and today deliver email for over 45,000 customers located around the globe. This experience has put us in a position to understand email growth from a very broad view point. Historically, storage capacity increases by about 40% year over year, which is more than enough to accommodate our clients' growing email storage requirements. The trend toward decreased storage pricing and increased storage density enables us to eliminate an additional charge for mailbox storage. In addition, approximately 80% of email is junk. We have embedded SecureTide™ spam and virus protection on every server, which prevents us from wasting storage resources on junk mail that travels the internet as email.

What does unlimited mailbox storage mean?

Unlimited mailbox storage means that clients of our Secure Exchange Service don't need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of increased email activity. This does not mean that using Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange will work with an infinitely large email box - there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before performance becomes unacceptable. It also doesn't mean that a mailbox can be defined as an "archive" - which would be impractical and inconsistent with archiving requirements.

What are the benefits of unlimited mailbox quotas?

Until now, administrators have been forced to spend time managing and enforcing user quotas to make sure their company remains within its allotted storage space. Not only does storage allotment increase management overhead for IT staff, but users often run into frustrating situations when they are forced to delete stored messages to make room for new email correspondence. The unlimited plan from AppRiver removes the time consuming task of quota management, enabling businesses to benefit from the collaboration and mobility offerings of Exchange without storage limitations.

Why would AppRiver eliminate mailbox quotas?

The primary design goal of our Exchange Hosting architecture was to offer easy access to the rich email feature set of Exchange, while enforcing spam and virus protection, and making Exchange simpler for administrators. We met the goal of easy access to Exchange with our web-based Customer Portal management interface, which we designed from the ground-up because we were unable to find a 3rd party product that met our standards for ease of use. We met the goal of spam and virus protection by embedding SecureTide™ for comprehensive inbound and outbound email security. The elimination of mailbox quotas falls into our goal of removing the complexity of Exchange. Administrators now have one less hassle to deal with when offering Exchange to their company.

How does SecureTide™ fit into your Exchange offering?

We designed our Exchange Service around a very tight security model. You cannot become a customer of AppRiver's Exchange Service without going through the full litany of security elements included with SecureTide™. Every email for each mailbox is run through SecureTide's™ proprietary blend of more than 60 different spam filters, and 6 anti-virus engines. The system prevents spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams, and other malicious code from reaching client mailboxes. SecureTide™ protection is NOT optional and ensures our clients have a safe and reliable corporate messaging platform.

How can I get started?

Don't take our word for it. Please take advantage of our 30-day free trial to experience the system for yourself. We believe our Customer Portal defines a new standard for ease of use in the Hosted Exchange arena and we know SecureTide™ ensures a safe and reliable corporate messaging platform.

AppRiver's Customer Portal with SecureTide™ provides companies with the protection they need, while simplifying administrative tasks at the same time. By eliminating mailbox quotas and providing unlimited email accounts, administrators are released from the time-consuming task of managing user quotas and are freed up to perform their other responsibilities.

Our programs are powerful in protecting a company's server from becoming polluted by spam or viruses. In addition, all of our services are backed by a quality support team that's available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

You can try out our exchange service and storage system for 30 days and see for yourself the effective simplicity of our dual exchange hosting and virus protection system. If you decide to purchase our Secure Hosted Exchange with SecureTide™ and unlimited email, we'll continue to keep you safe against new spamming developments by sending you any updates/improvements we make on the system.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to know more about our unlimited email hosting, please feel free to contact us at any time. The Contact Us page has a convenient online form that you can fill out with any information requests you might have. If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone at 866-223-4645. One of our knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to explain our unlimited email hosting system to you.


AppRiver Secure Hosted Exchange

Features of AppRiver's Secure Exchange Hosting

Exchange Hosting from AppRiver simplifies the setup, provisioning, and management of Microsoft Exchange by creating a complete managed service for administrators and end-users.

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