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AppRiver Message Sniffer

OEM/SDK Solution

MessageSniffer™ is AppRiver’s powerful, proprietary anti-spam engine and a key component of our award-winning SecureTide™ email security service. It’s available to software developers, ISPs and other large system operators who need more muscle in the fight against spam and viruses.

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MessageSniffer (SNF) is an intelligent anti-spam scanner that uses advanced pattern recognition and collaborative learning technologies to accurately identify spam, scams, viruses, and other email borne malware at your email server or gateway (before it gets to your inbox).

SNF is a multi-platform engine that runs on Windows, Linux and BSD systems. A professionally maintained subscription rule-base is updated frequently throughout the day by human analysts and intelligent monitoring systems.

A collaborative IP reputation system (GBUdb) responds quickly to emerging threats and saves system resources by providing IP blocking information and modifying message scan results in real time.

SNF accurately captures more than 99% of spam without tuning. This is not "market-speak". We calculate this statistic from real-world data collected by our monitoring system using system telemetry, data from spam-traps, user submissions and a comparative analysis with several dozen high quality spam tests.

In addition MessageSniffer's highly optimized engine has very modest hardware requirements and typically uses only a small fraction of the resources required by other engines (SNF typically has less than 10% of the CPU requirement of SpamAssassin when processing the same message stream!).

MessageSniffer is used by ISPs, ASPs, SaaS providers, spam filtering services, anti-spam appliance vendors, schools, businesses, and consultants worldwide to protect systems from spam, scams, viruses, and other email borne threats.

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Features & Benefits

MessageSniffer is AppRiver’s OEM/SDK solution for ISPs and large system operators that enables you to incorporate effective spam and virus protection to enhance your service offering.

MessageSniffer Features and Benefits:

  • Accurately captures 99% of spam
  • Uses advanced pattern recognition technology
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and BSD operating systems
  • Can be integrated into a broad range of email platforms
  • Constantly updated by a team of highly trained technicians working around the clock in our network operations center
  • Collaborative IP reputation system responds quickly to emerging threats


What is MessageSniffer?

MessageSniffer is a powerful email scanning engine that captures 99% of spam when implemented in a managed environment. The software is owned and managed by AppRiver and licensed to a large number of ISPs, corporations and other anti-spam companies.

Who uses MessageSniffer?

Deployed since 2002 in AppRiver's complete outsourced email protection service, the software is currently used in more than 45,000 businesses and institutions worldwide. It is designed for high-availability production systems and virtually eliminates client-side software or configuration changes.

What are the benefits of MessageSniffer?

The proprietary spam detection engine has the ability to run approximately 70,000 signature tests against an email in under five milliseconds. It is maintained and updated by in-house rule-techs 24 hours a day and was described as having "speed-spam and virus capture rates second to none in the security industry" in a September 2006 Frost & Sullivan Report on Pattern Recognition (Technical Insights).

In addition, continual system enhancements are delivered at no extra cost to users. Most new features and enhancements are delivered automatically, which results in low maintenance installation, lower administrative costs and higher reliability.

How does it work?

MessageSniffer uses advanced pattern recognition technology and a regularly updated "rules" database to accurately identify spam. The system joins together human and autonomous machine elements to produce and refine filtering rules.

Rules are created through a collaboration of automated systems and people to continually update the MessageSniffer "rules" database, which is downloaded by clients and integrated into their email environment as they choose. The machines and humans check each other’s work, share new information, and learn from one another's successes and failures. The entire system evolves rapidly and retains what it learns as it moves forward.

Does it integrate with other products??

Yes, it is designed for easy integration into a broad range of existing email platforms and spam elimination products. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and BSD operating systems and integrates easily with most email server or spam filtering platforms. Updates can be downloaded manually or automatically scheduled by user-side utilities.

Can I test email content on my own system with MessageSniffer

Yes, if you have a question about emails that don't seem to be getting through, you can test to see what MessageSniffer is catching. The log file shows matches for the emails you scanned. It then shows the rules that match the file you scanned. If the log file is clean then nothing matched.

Will MessageSniffer reduce my daily workload of analyzing the spam trap?

Yes, the software is perfect for this task - particularly if you share your spam trap data with us. All we need is POP3 account information and some details on how your spam trap was formed so that we can properly classify it in our SPHUD (Spam Processing Heads Up Display). Email us at support@armresearch.com to get a spamtrap set up.

How much does it cost?

MessageSniffer is currently available at an annual subscription rate of $495 per year, including rule base and software updates. Pricing for OEM and SDK use is determined based on client needs. Renewals are also available at an annual rate.

Can I try MessageSniffer

Absolutely. In fact, we suggest that clients try MessageSniffer free for 30 days before making a purchase. Sign up now to begin your trial.

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MessageSniffer™ is available as an annual subscription for less than $1.50 a day. A $495/year subscription connects you to MessageSniffer's advanced spam filtering database, which is maintained and updated around the clock by examining and categorizing unsolicited commercial Email messages, pornography advertisements, and other unwanted content.

As a subscriber, you will receive rulebase and software updates and personalized support for tuning and customizing rulebase(s) to fit the needs of your system.

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Special Offers:

Educational Institutions get a 10% discount! Send an email to our billing department for details when you are ready to purchase.

Systems Integrators/Developers: You can build MessageSniffer technology into your own products through our Open Source licensing, or our proprietary OEM and Reseller programs. Please send an email to support@messagesniffer.com for an application package with details on developer resources and embedded reseller licensing.

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Renew now to continue filtering unsolicited commercial Email through the MessageSniffer service for $495/year. Upon renewal, one year will be added to your current subscription.

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