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Email & Web Protection Services

  • Spam & Virus Protection

    AppRiver makes it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses. With our award-winning SecureTide™ service, 99 percent of unwanted messages never reach your inbox. There is no expensive equipment to install, no cancellation fee and best of all no more junk mail or malicious messages in your inbox. Try SecureTide™ free for 30 days and see how much better email can really be.

  • Web Protection

    Web-based malware is increasing and evolving everyday, leaving businesses of all sizes vulnerable to damaging attacks and infections. SecureSurf™ from AppRiver provides a layered, enterprise-level defense against existing and emerging Web-based threats to your network. Our cloud-based service is simple to configure and requires no additional hardware or software to protect your network and employees from the multiple threats found in every corner of the Web.

  • Email Encryption

    Protect your sensitive email messages with CipherPost Pro™-- the super-secure, simple-to-use encryption service from AppRiver. With CipherPost Pro™, just one click ensures your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. And CipherPost Pro™ is as easy to manage as it is to use, keeping your business compliant and your email safe.

  • Secure Hosted Exchange

    AppRiver's Secure Hosted Exchange service gives you control of your email system without the complications and expense of managing your own servers. For a low monthly, per-mailbox fee, you get unlimited storage and the ability to easily manage user services. SecureTide™ is embedded in every hosted mailbox, so you also get the best spam and virus protection in the business built right in.

  • Office 365 Plus

    AppRiver offers the popular Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, including the familiar Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business platforms. With Office 365 Plus, you get expert migration assistance along with Phenomenal Care™ - customer care available from our own team members by phone, email or live chat - all day, every day.

  • Email Continuity

    Natural disasters. Service disruptions. Routine maintenance. Lots of things can take your servers down, but your email doesn't have to go with it. AppRiver's new Email Continuity is always on, simple to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Best of all, it's an effective way to protect your company from costly email outages.

  • Email Archiving & Compliance

    When you need immediate access to critical information, you need an archiving solution that can help you find it. AppRiver offers archiving and eDiscovery that can answer your needs - from basic business storage to more sophisticated compliance tools - with services that are secure, simple to set up and easy to access for you and your team.

  • Migration Services

    Worried about doing your own migration to AppRiver? Don't be. We've made migrating your users quick and simple with an intuitive, automated process. Plus our highly trained Phenomenal Care team is available to assist you. AppRiver's complete migration solution will move your calendar, contacts, emails, tasks, journals, and notes from one system to another (as supported by each system). With no hardware to deploy or software to install, you can start, configure, and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience.

  • DNS Hosting Plus

    Help your customers find you faster and protect your business against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with AppRiver's DNS Pro hosting. Using Akamai's global network, AppRiver will make your records available on more than 100,000 servers worldwide - for a cost any business can afford.

  • Email Threat Intelligence

    Your organization can leverage years of AppRiver's cyber security experience to protect you from unwanted emails and help you identify malicious domains and URLs. Updated in realtime, AppRiver's Email Threat Intelligence service puts the latest actionable data at your fingertips - and gives you helpful insight into the dark world of hackers, scammers and spammers.

AppRiver's Customer Portal

AppRiver's new Customer Portal eliminates the complex processes businesses face as they manage their messaging environments. By integrating an entire technology suite into a single unified interface, AppRiver dramatically simplifies on-demand delivery and management of its in-the-cloud security services.

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