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Security Suite: AppRiver Has You Covered

Security Suite from AppRiver

AppRiver knows your business needs a security suite, software that protects your business from threats on multiple fronts. That's because scammers and cyber-criminals are constantly looking for new ways to steal bandwidth, data and money.

If you only worry about stopping spam, you open your network to Web-based malware attacks. And if your email filtering fails, you expose your workstations to phishing and virus attacks. The fact is, you need more security than just one piece of hardware or software can provide.

You need a security suite — and AppRiver can help. Here's how:

  • SecureTide shields your users from email spam, phishing and malware campaigns with active monitoring and rule creation. Sophisticated, multi-filter software under the continuous management of highly skilled technicians makes SecureTide 99 percent effective in blocking unwanted messages. Every mailbox using our Secure Hosted Exchange service includes SecureTide spam and virus protection.
  • SecureSurf actively monitors web traffic on your network, blocking malware and viruses before they threaten your business. SecureSurf also allows your company to enforce group or user level policies defined by your admin. SecureSurf will soon add a feature called posture checking to ensure that all appropriate system and software updates are in place, preventing malware from attacking known vulnerabilities.

AppRiver's hosted security services have been designed to complement each other and provide the layered protection your business needs to match the ever-increasing threats today's businesses face. Sign up for your free 30-day trial today to experience for yourself the piece of mind that AppRiver's security suite can provide for your business.